Veterinary Surgeons

Federico Falco - BVSc MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Federico (known as Falco - Italian for Hawk - to his friends) joined Beacon Vets in May 2017.  Before this he'd worked in Northern Italy in a predominantly large animal position. While he'd like to continue to hone these skills, he's also interested in developing the 'art' of small animals as well.

A former quality middle distance runner, he also has a passion for football with the Azzuri and Torino FC (bitter rivals of Juventus) as his favourites.

Say Buongiorno next time you're in

Annie Kerr - BVSc BSc MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Beacon Vets are proud to welcome our 4th mixed vet, Annie Kerr, who started with the practice in July 2017. Annie is a dairy and arable farmer's daughter from Lincolnshire who joins us after graduating from Liverpool Vet School. Annie has a particular interest in calf health and also hopes to develop her small animal surgical skills.  Outside of veterinary Annie enjoys playing netball, hiking and baking.



Tom Henderson - BVSc

Veterinary Surgeon & Managing Director

I am the principle veterinary surgeon and managing director of Beacon Vets. I graduated from Melbourne University, Victoria, Australia in 2000 and worked in Tatura, Northern Victoria, with dairy cattle, horses and small animals. In 2003 a severe draught forced me to expand my horizons and I was delighted to find employment with the Beacon Vet Centre in Aspatria. In 2007 I bought into the practice and now live in Aspatria.  I have two daughters who (a little more than occasionally) help me out at work on the days when I've got them.

I enjoy all aspects of mixed practice, from equine practice to small animals and exotics (Iguanas and Kangaroos my specialty), but I have focused my expertise in Bovine Reproduction and general cattle practice.

On the rare occasions you don't find me at work or home with my girls I'll be found digging through the rough of the Silloth-on-Solway Golf Club where my patience is often longer than my drive.  I'm a sports fanatic of any code, but my favourite team is Charlton Athletic, who most likely got relegated this year - regardless of how recently this site is kept updated!  My girls and I love baking and a bit of arts and craft - for my sins I've now made paper-mache sea-horses, pugs, pigs, penguins and a Garfield - I'll be happy to never see glue again!

Just to show you we don't always spend our time in the neither regions of cows, or speying a bitch, here's a picture of Rudolphine, the 3 month old seal who was rescued by the Silloth Harbour-master, just prior to Christmas 2011.  We admitted her, gave her an intraperitoneal drip and some electrolytes orally, before referring her to the Marine Mammal rescue centre in Cheshire.  From there she was eventually moved down to the Southwest before being released, just another happy patient.




Scott Hodgson

Veterinary Surgeon

Originally from Aberdeenshire in North-East Scotland, I graduated from the Royal Dick Veterinary School in Edinburgh in 2000 and have been working with the Beacon Veterinary Centre since then. My general workload covers all aspects of mixed practice but I especially enjoy solving more complex problems with the specialised tools and skills which are available. As such I'm generally consulted for the more difficult surgical and medical cases, especially when they include microscopy and blood sampling reluctant pets.

I like to make the most of my spare time, riding around Britain on a large collection of motor-bikes, many of which I've specifically fixed to my purposes. My favourites are rat-bikes, but I'm fully versed in the many other two-wheeled pleasures of the world.

In the summer of 2010 I completed a 3 month sabbatical touring around the UK on my 350 CC Vintage motorbike. I had to visit historical markers in all of the countys of mainland UK. The long hours in the saddle and healthy living helped to trim the waistline, and were well worth the effort.  Since returning I've also taken up Tai Chi and can occasionally be glimpsed practicing balancing and other forms of 'moving meditations' - "When you breathe in, you are like a flower opening to the warm sun. Breathing out, the flower closes." - Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh

In 2011 I married my wife Kathryn, who herself works as a small animal Vet in Carlisle.  We live together not far from Wigton.

To the right is a picture of myself behind 'the bar', the counter at Aspatria, on the evening of our 'BVD Free' farmer seminar in January 2014 .  Perhaps I've missed my calling?

Andrea Weightman

Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon

Andrea joined our practice in June 2015 having returned to work after the birth of her son.  Before this time Andrea has worked in mixed animals in Cleator Moor and in Carlisle.  Andrea in fact saw practice with Beacon Veterinary Centre in the early 2000s while she was still a student, mainly due to the proximity of her families' dairy farm near Torpenhow.

As well as working part-time for Beacon Vets Andrea also manages the Kirkbride Post Office, so you may be lucky enough to see her in two guises. The ambition for Andrea working Wednesdays and Fridays is to increase our potential for offering small animal consults and surgeries, as we continue to improve our facilities and quality of service.