Large Animal

Emergency call out:

We provide a prompt and efficient ambulatory service to all our farm clients and work in close association with Paragon Vet Group so whatever the problem there is always support and back-up available from colleagues with an in-depth knowledge and with experience of farm animal problems.  If you are interested in seeing how a caesarian section is performed in a cow, see the link under Large Animal



It is important to recognize that many disease problems on the modern farm are multi-functional and have a wide range of causes, and often solutions.




Herd Health Plans:

These can be prepared as a full BCVA herd health plan or to NDFAS standard to meet first purchaser requirements.  Health plans can also be prepared for Beef Sucker, Sheep or mixed units.

Blood Sampling to assist with Health and Fertility Profiling:

This can be done where necessary in our own laboratory, or using local accredited laboratories.


Advanced Breeding Technologies:

In-house flush programmes, IVF and OPU services available.  Repeat breeder service.  See individual pages for cattle and sheep advanced breeding information, or click on the links below.

Large Animal Facilities at Paragon Veterinary Group:

We now have access to facilities for more technical or complicated cases at Paragon Veterinary Group, where further investigations and/or surgical procedures can be undertaken in optimal conditions.  Below is a calf which was admitted because of a subluxation (partial dislocation) of its neck, surgery being performed on a dairy cow with an abdominal displacement, and a heifer being treated intensively for suspected botulism.

We are a member of XLVets, which is a national group of veterinary practices working together to achieve best practice in all aspects of veterinary medicine, and with a view to maintaining cost-effective animal health medicines. To read more, visit XLVets website.

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